Tuesday September 16th 2014

Kerry Duke

Kerry Duke doesn’t like waiting. “I have always liked the idea of working very hard on something, producing it and then immediately seeing the result,” he said. “I like deadlines.”

This need for immediate gratification led Duke to his career working as the managing editor of KyPost.com. The Post is an online news and information website devoted to Northern Kentucky and is one of many news platforms in the WCPO family. As the managing editor, Duke helps manage the content, look and development of the website, in addition to working alongside its WCPO Channel 9 producers.

Although he didn’t discover journalism until college, he said that he has always had a lot of questions. “Maybe that was a preamble to a career in journalism,” Duke said.

While attending college at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, Duke’s inquisitive nature lead him to question his initial choice of major (political science); he learned that he had a knack for journalism. He began writing for the college newspaper and became the editor of the college yearbook. Following his graduation, Duke worked in several smaller positions, but eventually began reporting for The Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville Fla., and then moved to The Cincinnati and Kentucky Post newspapers, where he began a 25 year management career.

“As a reporter, I’ve handled everything from obits and police news to courts, city hall, the state legislature, investigative reporting and special projects,” Duke said.

He has also worked with sports and special sections, he said. “Now I run a website.”

“Each step I’ve taken in my career has been built on the proceeding step and widened my experience,” Duke stated.

His experience includes adjusting to the changes in journalism during the digital age. “The change will completely alter journalism in the future,” Duke said. “The content, the way news is delivered, the way the industry is sustained, the profession of journalism and the degree to which the public is informed – will be totally changed. If you consider the changes in journalism as one part of the bigger impact that computers and the Internet are having on life in general, I think the change will be as great if not greater than the societal changes brought about by the industrial revolution.”

For someone who craves immediate results, today’s digital “revolution” seems like the perfect era in journalism. After all, a website has no printing press to delay a story. Publication is just a click away.

By James Wilson

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